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Writing Tutor

Anthology of Student Writing

Big Mind Learning has specialized in teaching writing since our start in 1999. That is because our director, Marea Gordett, has taught writing at the college level, in the schools, and in the community for 30 years!

We hope that you will enjoy our new anthology of student writing. We will be adding to it and showcasing the fine writers who have gone through our program.

Visit the new anthology of student writing page by clicking here: Anthology of Student Writing

Discover the Power of the Personal Writing Conference

Research has shown that students who excel in writing have a better chance of success. Big Mind Learning specializes in writing instruction, and can help students build a foundation for the future using techniques that melt away writer's block and confusion.

Using innovative techniques and a fun, supportive atmosphere, Big Mind Learning focuses on teaching written communication skills, motivation and self-confidence. Employing Ph.D. students from Harvard University, Tufts University, and other leading American schools, our tutors are of the highest quality, and all have a passion for teaching and a love of the subject material.

We help students of all ages develop their thinking, clarify their reasons and arguments, add description and supporting details, and present their ideas in a logical, clear way.

We cover all of the following areas in a systematic, engaging way that can make writing painless and even enjoyable:

  • Brainstorming a topic
  • Getting started
  • Conducting research
  • Clarifying a thesis
  • Developing paragraphs
  • Creating coherence, clarity, and an authentic style
  • Revising for correct grammar and punctuation
  • Using proper MLA, APA, and Chicago Style Documentation


MythQuest Writing Workshops

Engage The Past

MythQuest Writing Workshops inspire students to produce imaginative writing using the adventures of mythology as inspiration. They also ask students to share their writing, building confidence and planting the seeds of effective public speaking.

MythQuest workshops are offered at three grade levels:

Grades 2 - 5: Myths and Monsters

Focusing on the adventures of Greek and Roman heroes, students hear inspiring stories about overcoming challenges and solving difficult problems.

Grades 6 - 8: The Hero's Quest

This program introduces students to ideas that surround identity and the search for meaning. The conflicts of obedience versus rebellion, generosity versus greed, and love versus jealousy are explored in a fun atmosphere.

Grades 9 & 10: Demons and Goddesses

Students are introduced to the themes of greed and self-love, and how they conflict with efforts to achieve harmony and personal strength. Finding expression in the characters of Shakespeare and other authors, this program prepares students for complex life questions.


Thank you very much for being such a wonderful writing teacher for Sonja!

She truly enjoyed her sessions with you and has gained so much needed confidence in her own abilities to write correctly. Grammar and spelling were always weak points for her. As she has long had deep aspirations as a writer, it caused her genuine angst not to feel she had the necessary skills. She had a lot of fun working with you and thought it was such a great pleasure to have you as her grammar and writing teacher!

-Elisa G, Germany


About Marea Gordett

Director Marea Gordett taught in the English departments of Boston University and Tufts University. She has conducted literary programs at many organizations, museums and health associations and has held writing residencies at dozens of elementary, middle and high schools throughout New York and New Mexico.

Writing Tutors Service Areas:

Delmar, Latham, Saratoga Springs, Albany, Loudonville, Clifton Park and surrounding areas in Upstate New York.

We offer National and International Tutoring. Call for more information.