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We Offer Math Tutoring With Active Learning Techniques

Understanding Leads to Success in Math

We know that many students are confused or fearful about their math classes. Some just give up and appear to stop caring, often failing to do their homework or study for tests. Our math tutors break the confusing aspects of math into small, manageable chunks. And we don’t move on until students have grasped each fundamental concept.

The math program of Big Mind Learning is based on private instruction and small group classes of no more than 4 students. We tailor these sessions to individual needs and learning styles, and we specialize in active techniques that help students enjoy math, by understanding patterns and concepts. Our exceptional math tutors also support students in study skills, learning steps to get organized, review regularly, stay on top of homework assignments and study effectively for tests.

Keys to Success

1. Foundation Building

Our math tutors start with a diagnostic inventory that allows us to pinpoint gaps in a student’s knowledge. Then we fill the gaps and build on the strengths of a solid

2. Practice with Simple Problems

The key to understanding is review and repetition. We create confidence and success in math by reinforcing learned skills in an enjoyable way.

3. Building up to Complex Problems

Students master the solutions to complicated, harder problems after they have built a strong foundation. They often say, “this is easy” because they comprehend the building blocks that have gone into the solution.

4. Practice with Mixed, Cumulative Review

Cumulative practice materials help students keep up their skills. We constantly reinforce learned math skills so that students keep up both their understanding and their confidence.

Why We Succeed

Our math tutors are selected for their outstanding intelligence, teaching ability, and friendliness. They love teaching and it shows. Their gentle approach to teaching math creates focus, effective study habits and the desire to excel. They become excellent role models for their students who can see how far effort and a strong work ethic can take a person, as our tutors have often won teaching awards or have earned their Ph.D. degrees in math or engineering. Some tutors are still in graduate school and can impart valuable lessons about hard work and determination.

Subjects We Cover

We teach and review all math subjects from first grade to college, including graduate school. We tutor business math, economics, accounting and finance, statistics and engineering-related courses. A general break-down of courses is below, although there are many variations.

  • 1st – 3rd grades Knowledge of basic skills and patterns
  • 4th – 5th grades Building on computational excellence with an introduction to algebra
  • 6th – 8th grades Early Algebra and Algebra I
  • 9th grade Integrated Algebra
  • 10th grade Geometry
  • 11th grade Algebra II/Trigonometry
  • 12th grade Pre-Calculus or Calculus

Note: This year the New York State math curriculum will introduce first year algebraic principles in 6th grade. We are ready to help students with that transition.