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Creative Tutoring Programs

I was able to supervise and observe my tutor's work for an entire year. I found her to be not only consistently understanding and sensitive to the multiple educational and emotional needs of my son but also academically inspired in her creative approach to the history, English, and health curriculum. She always showed good judgment, discretion and knowledge. I was fortunate to have the tutoring continue into the summer months.

Parent of high school student,
Schenectady, New York

We have been blessed with your help this year for our two sons in elementary school. Within two weeks their grades jumped from the low 70s to 90s. With much love you greatly encouraged the boys to do their best. We are also very grateful for the study skills materials that you gave us to work with at home. Thank you for all your work and encouragement.

Tamarac School, Brunswick, NY

SAT Tutoring

The SAT course really helped me a lot. It was much more personal than others I have taken, and I liked how it was interactive. I liked how the instructors were certain that we did our homework. I also learned vocabulary at a very fast pace.

Sreeja M., Latham, NY

My daughter said that the SAT test was 'easy.' Will keep you posted about how she did. Thanks again for making a difference in a young woman's pre-college career – your personal interest in her helped so very much!

Beth P., Amherst, MA

THANK YOU to Marea & Chad for all of their help through the Big Mind Learning SAT prep classes. Our daughter's scores went up 110 points in Critical Reading, 100 points in Math, and 100 points in Writing on the June test. She has met her entry requirements for the college of her choice, and she is ecstatic. I HIGHLY recommend Big Mind Learning for SAT prep. If your child is driven and willing to work hard, these are the folks for you. Thank you again.

Joe R., Mechanicville, NY

Thank you very much to your math tutor. He gave very helpful explanations as he taught us different ways to look at the toughest math problems. It's great to be able to use a lot of different strategies when we think about facing math problems we have never seen before in a math class. I feel much more confident going into the SAT this time.

Isabelle R, Saratoga Springs

Thank you for the SAT tutoring that you provided our son. On his first SAT test, he scored a 470 on the Critical Reading section. After your tutoring, he scored a 600 on that section and was accepted into the school of his choice for Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Parent, Albany, NY

As a high school junior our son was recruited to a lot of colleges for lacrosse but needed to pull up his scores 100 points on both the verbal and math sections. With your tutoring, his scores went up 300 points and he was accepted to Brown, Bucknell, SU, West Point and Bryant with great scholarships. Thank you for your help!

Parent, Albany, NY

Middle School Math

Before I went to you, math was like a storm. Then it turned into a rainbow.

7th grade student, Voorheesville, NY

When my child had the opportunity of experiencing Big Mind Learning, both her teacher and I felt that she made a 180-degree turnaround. If ever I had to recommend someone as a tutor, it would be my tutor from Big Mind.

M.H., Parent, South Colonie, NY

Reading & Writing

Thank you very much for being such a wonderful writing teacher for Sonja!

She truly enjoyed her sessions with you and has gained so much needed confidence in her own abilities to write correctly. Grammar and spelling were always weak points for her. As she has long had deep aspirations as a writer, it caused her genuine angst not to feel she had the necessary skills. She had a lot of fun working with you and thought it was such a great pleasure to have you as her grammar and writing teacher!

Elisa G,

This year my daughter decided to choose tutoring instead of guitar lessons when presented with a choice. Her reading teacher could not believe the difference in her abilities at the end of the school year. Her confidence and reading comprehension went up greatly and she received recognition from her English teacher about the leap she made. You also gave her the tools to break up the writing process. Now she loves reading and says that writing is no longer a struggle. You taught her the joy of learning.

Schoharie, NY

I learned more in a one-hour writing conference than I did in a full year of high school. I learned to stay focused and write an effective essay that came across with the power and personality that I was trying to portray.

Student, Greenwich, NY

College Tutoring

My tutor did an excellent job, and I will recommend your program to other students. I was surprised with the deficiencies in my college course because my professor was not good at translating his knowledge to students. My tutor understood her subject and presented it in an understandable way. She removed all the roadblocks. I wish that she had been the instructor from the start.

Graduate Student,
Saratoga Springs, NY

We appreciate so much the tutors you have provided to help our daughter achieve her potential in her college courses at RPI. Thank you for believing in her and in finding quality tutors who are supportive and kind. Please know that your positive way has helped her overcome her challenges.

Parent, Minnesota

Myth Quest / Arts in Education

When our resident writer faced a 'tough' audience of 8 to 13-year-old city children, her creativity and dedication paid off as they tackled writing, a subject in which they claimed to have no interest. Her caring demeanor inspired trust and catered to the children's interests and imaginations. I highly recommend her as a very creative and engaging educator.

S.M., Museum Education,
New York State Museum, Albany, NY

Our writer-in-residence seemed to have 'magic keys' that unlocked ideas from children with varied degrees of ability. She was able to give great new ideas to this 30-year veteran classroom teacher.

K.G., 4th grade teacher,
Howe International Magnet School, Schenectady, NY