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Science Tutors

Playing a Part in the Future

America has always been a hotbed of innovation. From our founding fathers to our ground-breaking technology companies, America is built on new thinking.

And that new thinking is creating many great jobs in the science field.

With an energy revolution in its early stages, students who excel in math and science will be well positioned to play an important part in our country's future. From new concepts in automobile design to new ways of communicating and interpreting information, math and science are the language of innovation.

Our tutors speak that language. Coming from schools like RPI and MIT, our tutors know what's happening on the cutting edge of technology. They also understand the things that students need to prepare for careers in the sciences.

List of Subject Areas We Cover:

  • All elementary science subjects
  • High school and college biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering courses

What Our Tutors Say About Their Teaching Philosophy & Methods


"Physics and math are like solving a puzzle, where the crux lies in figuring out the little trick that unravels the entire problem into something that is straightforward to do. By problem solving, I mean using critical thinking to logically organize what you already know and use it efficiently to solve a problem. The skill can be very hard for a student to master on his or her own, although for teachers who have mastered it, it is second nature. Therefore, they often don't teach this problem-solving technique."

-Physics tutor, Ph.D. in Physics, High school teacher


"Chemistry is a subject that builds on itself. Therefore, I make sure that students have a good understanding of all of the fundamentals that lead up to the material that they are currently covering. Many students approach chemistry with the tactic of memorization; however, there is actually very little to be memorized if a student has a good understanding of the fundamentals. I focus on helping students develop that level of understanding by giving them many practice problems similar to what they are likely to see on an exam to help them apply those fundamentals. Using this approach, I have helped many students greatly improve their performance in their general Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and math courses and to do well on the New York Regents Exam in Chemistry, the SAT II Subject Test in Chemistry, and the AP Chemistry Exam."

-Chemistry tutor and Professor