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SAT Prep Tutoring Services
in Albany, NY

When you apply to college, your SAT score will be one of the most important components of your application. One of the best ways to do well on the SAT is by preparing thoroughly for this important test. Big Mind Learning offers SAT prep classes to help students in the capital district of Albany, NY, and surrounding areas to get ready for the big day.

Fill out our contact form or call us at (518) 339-4337 to learn more about our SAT prep and tutoring options, or keep reading below to learn about our tutors and our methods and to see some testimonials from students we have worked with.

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SAT/ACT Class Schedule

Reserve a spot today in our SAT Prep classes, and choose from several convenient options!

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SAT Essay

For the SAT essay, students must respond to an article or speech and defend its persuasive appeal, taking 50 minutes for the task. Although this essay is an optional portion of the new SAT, we consider it mandatory and teach students exactly how to manage the job. You can read some examples of our students’ successful SAT essays here.

Our Tutors

Students that are taking our SAT prep tutoring services in Albany, NY

A Group of our SAT Students Taking a Practice Test before the October Exam

Our SAT prep tutoring classes start with an exam so we can see what your level is and what areas you need help with. This allows us to create a customized program for each student. You can work one-on-one with a tutor or join a group class of no more than eight students.

No matter what type of classes you choose, you’ll be working with friendly, highly-educated tutors who have graduated from some of the most respected universities in the country. Most have their Ph.D. degrees or are Master Teachers in their schools. Our tutors are passionate about learning and dedicated to helping students develop confidence in their own skills.

Our students at work on an SAT Practice Test

Our students at work on an
SAT Practice Test

Our Methods

Once we know what abilities you need to strengthen, we can come up with a learning plan that is catered to your learning needs. Most important, we encourage our students to practice test-taking regularly to build stamina and confidence.

We use a variety of methods to keep students engaged and help them grasp difficult concepts. With hands-on activities, we create interactive learning situations so students absorb the information and have a good time.

Tests can be stressful, which is why we don’t only prepare you for the actual test content. We also offer advice on good study habits and how you should prepare for test day.

Students have a choice of SAT Instruction from our top-scoring professionals

  • Private one-on-one tutoring gives you great opportunities to raise your score with very reasonable fees

  • Group classes are extremely small and affordable. With a group of no more than 8 students, individuals can receive the personal attention they need.

What One SAT Tutor Says About Her Teaching Philosophy & Methods

"I view organization and repetition as the two most vital parts of the learning process. Meeting with a student on a one-on-one basis or in a small group allows the student to take a step back, lay out the subject matter, and organize it clearly. This allows the student to digest the material. Once this foundation is built, practice and repetition pull everything together. Since problems arise when a student is missing a "small piece of the puzzle," the process of sorting out the pieces and putting them back together several times builds a student's confidence. This also allows him or her to tackle the next set of problems with new tools.

When preparing for the math section of the SAT, students must not only organize an immense amount of material but also be able to recall it when needed. This retrieval of information is best reinforced by practicing numerous problems in each area. Students whom I have been tutoring for the math SAT have been consistently increasing their scores on the math section by at least 100 points."

- Mary Beth G., Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering, teacher, researcher

Please Remember to Prepare Correctly for Your Test Day

Because the SAT is given on Saturday morning, you should resist the temptation to stay up late on Friday night. Eat a good dinner which includes protein, carbohydrates, and a vegetable, and see how this practice will work wonders for your brain on Saturday morning. Don't study - just relax and go to bed early. Then eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning.


  • Your admission ticket and photo ID
  • 2-3 pencils
  • Calculator (Graphing or scientific are permitted. Four-function calculators are not recommended.)
  • A watch (without audible alarm)
  • Water bottles (1-2)
  • 1-2 Energy bars for the breaks
  • Tissues
  • Layered clothing


“Our daughter will be attending the University of Gloucestershire in the UK this fall! I feel she was accepted, in large part, by her high SAT scores, and I can't thank you enough for the skilled SAT tutoring Big Mind Learning gave her. You helped her realize her dreams.”

Allison W., Averill, NY

“The SAT course really helped me a lot. It was much more personal than others I have taken, and I liked how it was interactive. I liked how the instructors were certain that we did our homework. I also learned vocabulary at a very fast pace.”

Sreeja M., Latham, NY

“My daughter said that the SAT test was 'easy.' Will keep you posted about how she did.  Thanks again for making a difference in a young woman’s pre-college career – your personal interest in her helped so very much!”


Beth P., Amherst, MA

“THANK YOU to Marea & Chad for all of their help through the Big Mind Learning SAT prep classes. Our daughter’s scores went up 110 points in Critical Reading, 100 points in Math, and 100 points in Writing on the June test. She has met her entry requirements for the college of her choice, and she is ecstatic. I HIGHLY recommend Big Mind Learning for SAT prep. If your child is driven and willing to work hard, these are the folks for you. Thank you again.”

Joe R., Mechanicville, NY

“Thanks, Marea, for all your help and best wishes. You are wonderful; I think you really care about your students and their success. I really appreciate it and will definitely be referring Big Mind Learning to our counseling center. I know my daughter felt prepared, and the prep definitely helped her. Her SAT scores and GPA are more than acceptable for the NCAA Division 1 sliding scale and I think she will have a good chance of getting into one of the colleges of her choice.”

Marilyn W, Niskayuna, NY

"Thank you for the SAT tutoring that you provided our son. On his first SAT test, he scored a 470 on the Critical Reading section. After your tutoring, he scored a 600 on that section and was accepted into the school of his choice for Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology. Thank you so much for your time and effort."

Steven C, Albany, NY

"As a high school junior our son was recruited to a lot of colleges for lacrosse but needed to pull up his scores 100 points on both the verbal and math sections. With your tutoring, his scores went up 300 points and he was accepted to Brown, Bucknell, SU, West Point and Bryant with great scholarships. Thank you for your help!"

Danielle M, Greenwich, NY

“Many thanks and appreciation to your math tutor, Alex. My daughter has learned from him in an amazing way as she's never learned from another math teacher. She said: ‘I understand this. I get it now.’ The success of her 100-point improvement on her SAT math score just smoothes out the rest of her year. She's not afraid to ask for help now. She has so much more confidence.”

Maureen C, Clifton Park, NY

“I just want to say, you have been an amazing help! Thank you so much for supporting me and being such a positive influence! Because of your classes and tutoring, I scored 700 on the Writing section, 660 on Critical Reading and I was able to achieve 560 on Math (which is very difficult for me) for a total of 1920.”

Willow L, Student, Stillwater, NY

“Thank you for preparing my daughter for the SAT today - you are obviously invested and truly care about your students, and it certainly shows. I appreciate your time and talent (as I know she does as well) and we thank you for being her tutor.”

Jackie M, East Greenbush, NY

“Thank you so much! Your course was a great benefit. My daughter now scores in the 90th percentile in Reading and in the 90th percentile in Writing. She is very excited about her improvement.”

Gina S, Delmar, NY

“My daughter did much better on her June test and she’s thrilled! In all her scores went up 130 points! Her scores are now: Math 650, Writing 610, and Reading 640. She wants to continue in classes with you and bring her scores up even more.”

Sue B, Loudonville, NY

“I got my SAT scores back and I am very happy with them. I was able to raise my math score 100 points during my time with you and I got it into the range that the colleges I am looking at want. I am interested in coming back in the fall before the fall SAT. I need to get my reading score up even more, and your prep class really helped.”

Abby M., Student, Averill Park